Glenn Martin is the owner of Martek Mississippi Electronic Repair. He has been in the electronics industry since 1974, providing service on consumer electronic equipment, as well as working on military aircraft systems. Glenn spent 13 years of his military career in Biloxi, Mississippi at Keesler Air Force Base as an Electronics Instructor. He holds two Associate Degrees and a FCC General Radiotelephone Operators License as well.

With over 30 years technical experience in the field, his emphasis is on high quality repair service. With more thorough checks and preventative maintenance included in the repair price, you  lots of value added for the price of your repair.
Martek Mississippi is a shop dedicated to the proposition that the quality of repair is measurable, repeatable and transparent: you shouldn't even notice that your unit was ever broken. Musicians need to feel free to create without noticing how good their equipment really is. If they NOTICE something, it is generally a distraction. So MARTEK works toward high tech, automated repairs that can provide the customer with a documented proof of performance.